What is Dino Books?

Dino Books is an online story reading source for children of all ages. It is developed by Dino Lingo Inc. (established in 2010 in Ft. Myers, FL). Dino Books includes picture books, folk tales, fables, princess and moral stories from all around the world. Dino books is the only children’s library in the world which is presented in 20 languages (and counting).

How does it work?

Reading to children helps them develop cognitively and socially, but that is not all. In today’s society, parents may have limited time to spend time with their children and it is not always easy to know how to keep them entertained. Read more

What are the languages?

Updated 6/1/2016. At the moment we provide over 10,000 children’s books in 40 different languages. Some of the languages are; English, Spanish, French, Chinese Mandarin, Arabic, Russian, German, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Vietnamese, Tagalog Filipino, Hungarian, Cantonese, Italian, Persian, Polish. Click here to browse all books!

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Do you offer sample books?

Yes, please feel free to browse between thousands of books, you will notice that every book on our website has at least four pages available to view for free. You can read as well as listen.

Only subscribers will be able to access all pages.

Special software? Can I download the books? Mobile devices?

All you need is a computer or a mobile device with an internet access. The books are not downloadable. Since our website is responsive, all books are available for Ipads, Iphones, tablets and android devices.

Is there a limit to the number of children who can access the website at the same time?

Family membership allows up to three children who can access to the website at the same time.

How to listen to the audio?

If the book has an audio, you will see a green “speaker” icon next to the text.

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If you see the speaker icon but cannot hear the audio when you click on it, this could be related to the a device or a software issue. Please let us know immediately, we will try to solve it asap.

How often do you update your library?

Updated 6/1/2016. At the moment we provide over 10,000 children’s books in 40 different languages. Some languages have more books than others, such as English language has over 1,000 titles. We constantly add new titles and they are automatically included with your subscription. Click on “All Books” to view all of our titles.

What are the different categories/interests?

There are tens of different categories. Storybooks, audiobooks, language learning books, picture books, baby books, brain games and puzzles, songs, leveled books, non-fiction books are just some of them. Please check our book library to discover all existing categories.

What are the levels?

Level 1: For the children who are ready to read for the first time.

Level 2: Beginner readers, short and simple sentences.

Level 3: For intermediate readers, simple stories with some help.

Level 4: Longer stories for independent readers.

Fun: Brain puzzles, activities, riddles and more…

Multilevel: Countries, cultures, languages and more…

Songs: Listen to popular children’s songs from all around the world.

How do I find my favorite books!

You will see “add to favorites” option at the end of each book. As soon as you click on it, your book is added to your favorites. You can access your favorite books via “heart icon” icon on top top of the page anytime.

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How do I use Search?

You can search by author, title, country or category ; simply click on the “search icon” at the top right corner.

How to Reset Password?

Go to login page here, in the bottom you will see “reset password request”. Enter your email and submit. You should receive an email within few minutes. If you do not remember your email or username, please email us. We will try to reset it for you.

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How much is an annual subscription? Do you offer any discounts?

Dino Books subscription is $99/year for individual and family membership. Time to time you may find some discount offers available at Dino Lingo website.

How does the annual subscription work?

As soon as you subscribe, you are able to access our online library from your home with an active internet connection. The subscription will be renewed each year otherwise stopped by you. There is a 7 day return full refund policy.

Is my subscription for one year only?

Your subscription is an annual subscription which begins on the start date of your choice and runs for a year. At the end of the year you will receive an email about renewal. Your renewal invoice will be sent before your renewal. You can easily cancel and stop auto billing, that means your subscription will be active but it won’t be renewed again.


Dino Books online portal is available for libraries in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. If interested please email us and include your library name, number of branches and patrons.

Public and private schools, academies:

Dino Books online portal is only available for schools in the USA. If interested please email us and include your school name, and number of students. If this is for the district, please include the number of schools.


Please send an email to us for more information,



Legal: “Dino Books” is developed by Dino Lingo Inc.